Our Funding Model


At The TLC Foundation, we are involved in funding projects/studies that hold the promise of transforming the standard of care for the most aggressive cancers that are unique to children, with a strong (but not limited) focus on brain and spinal cord malignancies. Our long-term goal is to replicate the almost miraculous progress seen in pediatric hematological malignancies such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), where 10-year survival rates have gone from 10% to over 80% in the past 40 years. We believe that with the appropriate focus and increased funding, such profound results can be achieved in our lifetimes with pediatric cancers of the central nervous system, among others. We will consider funding studies in the following areas:



We feel a tremendous responsibility toward making sure our fundraising efforts benefit the most promising research.  The clock is ticking, and we need to make a difference for all of the children currently battling cancer, as well as future pediatric patients.  In addition to a dedicated team of researchers and medical advisors who advise us on investments, we have partnered with powerful institutions who are making tremendous strides toward better treatment options for childhood cancer.


To inquire about a research grant, or if you wish to share information about a promising study underway, please contact us at theTLCfoundation@gmail.com.  To read more about the grants we are currently funding, and our collaborative charity partnerships, read about "where your money goes" here.

Pediatric Cancer